You Know You're a Bollywood Sidekick When...

MissMalini , 18 Sep 2013

The hilarious troops at Team MissMalini have been helping me come up with this list all day :) I hope you like it and feel free to add your own “you know you’re a Bollywood sidekick when….” suggestions in the comments below. Here we go! xoxo

You Know You’re a Bollywood Sidekick When…

You believe everything you hear.

Most of your sentences start and end with the words….

You’re epically clumsy (especially around firearms).

Crime Master Gogo

Everybody calls you Kaalia and they’re not being racist.


You’re called upon at random moments to procure a dead body.

Arshad Warsi, Circuit

Everything you eat is salty kyunki “maine tumhara namak khaya hain sarkar!”

You see THIS face…

Aishwarya Rai gif

A lot MORE than you see THIS face….

Aishwarya Rai gif

You and the other sidekicks have matching handlebar moustaches.

And wardrobes…

And fashion sense!

Annnd your vanity van is probably a TATA NANO! Bahahahaha *cue music*

PS. I chose this version because I know we were looking for the lyrics of this commercial some time ago, and I dedicate this song to all those loveably goofy Bollywood sidekicks (villianous or otherwise) that will go down in filmy history for fulfilling their non-starring roles with reckless abandon! :) xoxo

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