Oh My God, I Must Have It!

MissMalini , 19 Sep 2013
Superheadz Clap Camera
Superheadz Clap Camera

I mean just LOOK at this adorable thing! This SuperHeadz camera fits in the palm of your hand and comes in yellow, green, red, black, white and PINK!

Also it looks SUPER convenient because you can charge its battery while exporting your photos thanks to the handy built in USB. Aside from that its totally cute, super tiny and oh so pink! *sigh* I’m in love.

PS. I believe you can get these babies on SimpleCastle.com, specially curated by Nicolette Bird (you saw her in Rock On and Striker!) Now excuse me while I go order myself one. *ahem* Nowshie…

*Update, apparently it DOES run on MAC! Nicolette uses it on hers, so yay!

Tech Specs

Image format: JPEG / Video format: AVI
Image Resolution: 1280×1024 / Video Resolution: 720×480
Effective Camera Resolution: 2 mega pixels (not great I know, but it’s still so cute!) 
Lens: F2.8=3.2mm
Battery: Built-in rechargeable Lithium ion battery
Memory: MicroSD card (sold separately, supported up to 16GB)
Size: 35x70x15mm 24g 
Interface: USB 2.0/1.1

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