Richa Chadda, 5 Things You'll Need to Become Parveen Babi

MissMalini , 19 Sep 2013
Richa Chadda
Richa Chadda

I’m told Richa Chadda will be taking her inspiration from Parveen Babi for Pooja Bhatt‘s next film tentatively titled Bad.

Obviously the girl is doing her homework and says, “My look in the movie is retro, with an 80s feel. I have referred to a lot of style icons from across the globe for it. I have big shoes to fill in as Parveen is known not only for her beauty and acting, but also for her sense of style and fashion”. True that and well noted. But I figured we’d also help you out with a few Bollywood basics you might need to REALLY pull off a badass Babi :) ready?

1 A skin tight gold bodysuit. (Since it’s 2013 you can probably lose the awkwardly wrapped sheer sarong presumably worn for modesty’s sake back in 1982.)

2. No problem with Bollywood hero chest hair in your ear.


3. No issues dating a guy who lives in a giant egg.

4. The balls to wear a bowtie with a dress….

5. And (I have to say it…) “bad boy” taste in men.

PS, 80s glam doll look wise Sonakshi Sinha‘s given it a try, and Priyanka Chopra nailed it at the Parveen Babi garage sale if you ask me :) xoxo

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