"My Mother Wouldn't Take Any of My Sh*t" - Kajol

Rashmi Daryanani , 24 Sep 2013

Celebrity mommy Kajol recently launched the Huggies Wonder-Pants, so we caught up with the actress to discuss everything about parenthood – her association with the brand, the lesson she insists her children learn, and whether she’d be okay with her kids joining Bollywood. We, of course, threw in a few film-related questions as well and also made sure to ask her if she’ll be joining Twitter (since we know you all want her to!). Check out our interview to hear everything from the lady herself.

Here are some highlights from the chat:

One lesson she insisted her children learn…

“Listen to your mother! Most important of all. When your mother calls, reply and arrive from whichever part of the house you’re in.”

One lesson she’s learned from her children…

“Listen to your children. When they talk – whether they scream or they whisper, please listen to them. Try and decipher it and understand it.”


On her mother…

“I think all the values I tried to pass on to my kids, I got from my mom. I didn’t realise how important they were or what she was drilling into my head until I had kids of my own. Then I heard my mother’s voice coming out of my mouth and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I sound exactly like my mother!'”

“I was actually petrified of my mom when I was a kid. I was a brat with everyone else, but with my mom I was this perfect angel. I never put one foot wrong with my mother, because I knew for a fact that she wouldn’t take any of my shit. She’d just hand it back to me on a silver platter.”

On writing a mommy guide…

“I’d love to write a book! Maybe not a mommy guide, but a book. I just don’t think I have the patience for it currently.”


On her kids joining Bollywood…

“I’d be totally okay if my kids joined Bollywood. I would be totally okay with them doing anything, actually. Whatever they want to be, I’ll never push them and tell them that they must join films or must not join films. I think that’s their choice to make and all I can give them is a stable childhood to grow up and make that decision unbiasedly from.”

On her film with Ajay Devgn’s production house…

“It’s too premature to talk about it. I really would love to, but we haven’t made that many decisions to tell you about.”

On whether she’s doing Zoya Akhtar’s film…

“She hasn’t approached me for it.”


On which character she loves the most…

“If I had to return to do a sequel… I don’t think sequels work. But I think from K3G, it’d have to be the mad mother. She was fab; I loved her!”

On joining social media…

“No. I just think it takes too much time and energy. I’m doing interviews, so it’s not like I’m not talking to people. But I can’t sit and update my daily status and all, it’s not happening.”

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Pix: Khyati Gandhi for MissMalini

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