5 Love Lessons We Learned From Yash Chopra's Films

Rashmi Daryanani , 27 Sep 2013
Yash Chopra
Yash Chopra

It would be wrong to celebrate Yash Chopra for only his romantic films, as he has delivered hits like Waqt, Deewar and Trishul as well. However, there’s no denying that the director was a big romantic at heart and was always drawn towards love. His characters and stories may have differed with each film, but if there’s one thing that didn’t change, it was this: he made you fall in love with love, over and over again. Although he’s no longer with us, Yash Chopra has a huge part to play in how we regard love. So to mark the occasion of his 81st birth anniversary, we’re listing 5 lessons that his films taught us about love.

1. Someone, somewhere is made for you

“Kahin na kahin, koi na koi mere liye banaya gaya hai…”

If you’re ever feeling in the dumps about your love life, this may be the only thing you’ll need to believe in to turn it all around.

2. Love can be unconventional

“Phir kis se mohabbat ki hai tumne?”
“Mujhse ya meri soorat se?”
“Tumhari soorat kisi aur ki nahin, tumhari apni hai.”

Love can be found in the most unexpected of places, but that doesn’t make it any less beautiful.

3. Words are unnecessary

“Woh baat joh lafzo mein ada ho jaye … woh baat hi kya hui?”

Love doesn’t really need words, or a language. Sometimes silence says a lot more.

4. Sometimes love can be unhealthy

“Pehle darr jayegi, phir mujhpe marr jayegi.”

Love isn’t always a good thing. As beautiful as it is, it can sometimes be destructive, and it’s important to realise that.

5. Love will find a way in the end

“Har ishq ka ek waqt hota hai. Ab humara waqt hai.”

If it’s meant to be, time or distance doesn’t matter. Love will find a way in the end.

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