DIY - Learn to Make Dandiya Sticks This Navratri

Amruta Khatavkar , 28 Sep 2013
Dandiya Sticks
Dandiya Sticks

With the festival of Navratri just around the corner, everyone who enjoys dancing must have already started gearing up to perform their traditional Garba. I really like the vibe of this festival – the dance, the colourful outfits, the high energy and enthusiasm with which people perform. So we thought we’d show you a step-wise tutorial on how to make your own Dandiya sticks for Navratri this year.

What You need:

1. Two wooden sticks (equal size approx. 1 ft each)
2. Ribbons (2 colors) – feel free to use ribbons to match the color of your clothes.
3. Decoration Glue
4. Sequin Ribbon
5. Tape

Dandiya Sticks
Dandiya Sticks


• Take the ribbons and secure them on top of the wooden stick with sticky tape.
• Twist the two ribbons together in a way that they overlap each other.
• Repeat this step and then turn both the ribbons to the other side as shown in picture 4.
• Continue doing the above procedure till you reach the end of the stick. When the ribbons reach the end of the stick, tie them in a knot. Leave the ends of the ribbons as long as you desire.
• Using decoration glue, stick the sequin ribbon on the top of the Dandiya stick. Make the second Dandiya in the same way.
• Your home made Dandiya sticks are now ready.

High Street Phoenix is organising a DIY Dandiya & Garba prop making workshop by The Sisters Gallery as a part of their Talent Tuesday on 1st October 2013 from 1pm to 7pm at the Courtyard of the mall.


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