World Heart Day: Quit Playing Games With Your Heart!

Team MissMalini , 01 Oct 2013
Saffola LifeStudy: India Women's Heart at CVD Risk
Saffola LifeStudy: India Women’s Heart at CVD Risk

Ok ladies, this one is for you, and it’s pretty important. This past weekend saw the annual World Heart Day, and we were surprised to find out that 66% of women are at a high risk of Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD). The 2013 Saffolalife Study reveals that in today’s fast-food lifestyle, women find it increasingly difficult to juggle between their professional, social, family and personal lives… and it’s taking a toll on our health!

Team MissMalini is urging everyone to set aside some time for exercise every day, even if just for a few minutes. Whether you prefer jogging, weight training, or yoga, the important thing is to make sure get moving! India’s leading holistic health guru, Mickey Mehta, has shared some easy steps women can incorporate into the daily routine to help get in better cardiovascular shape:

Mickey Mehta
Mickey Mehta

1. Take the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible.
2. Consume 5-6 cups of green tea in a day for improved digestion and to flush out toxins from your body.
3. Stretch frequently while watching TV, or when behind the computer.
4. Take every opportunity to walk, especially if your destination is nearby.
5. Try performing Pawanmukhthasan and Bhujangasana every morning – it only takes five minutes!

Surely all of us can find time for some of these activities, and for a truly happy heart we need to make sure we’re eating right too!

Male Female Compare - Women's Heart at CVD Risk
Male Female Compare – Women’s Heart at CVD Risk

Here’s what renowned health, wellness, and fitness professional Niti Desai suggests, Eating right and at regular intervals is very important. A diet rich in vegetables, fruits and whole grains keeps Cardiovascular diseases at bay. I would urge people to include more reds and greens, leafy vegetables and pulses in their daily diet. Make sure you carry fruits and nuts and chana (gram) as healthy snacks every day to avoid eating junk during long office hours.”

So now you have all the facts ladies. On this World Heart Day the message is clear… we have to stop playing games with our heart!

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