Salman Khan to Bring in 2014 With a Bang!

Team MissMalini
Salman Khan
Salman Khan

That Salman Khan has not had a film release this year (especially around Ramzan Eid, which is known to be his territorial space) has not gone down well with his legions of fans. However, all the drama he causes on Bigg Boss 7 has given them their much needed Salman fix.

So while Bollywood’s much-loved beefcake has been personally unhappy that his film with Sohail Khan went through so many delays (and that the release had to be postponed), he has asked Sohail to utilise all his free dates and try and finish the film as soon as possible.

Salman Khan
Salman Khan

Reports have it that Salman has resumed shooting for the film and plans to complete the remaining portions that also include an action sequence, in just one schedule.

This is to ensure it releases in January 2014 and that Salman begins the new year with a bang.

Bring it on, then!

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