Shocking! High Profile Designer Boutique Caught in an Income Tax Raid

Team MissMalini , 13 Oct 2013
Guess who?
Guess who?

Mumbai’s fashion savvy denizens are abuzz with the news of an income tax raid on a multi-designer boutique that also has branches in the Middle East.

The owner is a regular in the front row at most fashion weeks. He has in the past, dabbled unsuccessfully to launch their own brand of wines. According to whispers within the trade, they regularly churn out cheap copies of designs by famous couturiers who stock their wares in his store. He even hawks them off as originals, thus, making a pretty penny in the bargain.

On Thursday evening, however, it seemed to many as payback time when the Income Tax sleuths swooped down on the flagship store in Mumbai, just before closing time at 7pm.

The raid went on for the entire night and we’re told five people were arrested. The owner in question, was detained for questioning till well past 5am.

Discrepancies to the tune of almost a crore of rupees were unearthed and that, we hear, is only the tip of the iceberg.

When it hits the news, remember, you read it here first.

Till then, can you guess who the main man is?

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