“I Packed For 3 Months. I Thought I Would Be in Bigg Boss For a Long Time” – Hazel Keech Confesses

“I Packed For 3 Months. I Thought I Would Be in Bigg Boss For a Long Time” – Hazel Keech Confesses

Ranjit Rodricks
Hazel Keech
Hazel Keech

Hazel Keech was the first contestant to be evicted from the ongoing seventh season of the Bigg Boss show. This British import made her Bollywood debut opposite Salman Khan in Bodyguard and has also performed an item number in the hit Tamil film, Billa.

Team MissMalini caught up with Hazel at a fashion preview in Mumbai, over the weekend, and asked her what life was like in the Bigg Boss house.

Here’s what she had to say:

Here are some highlights from our interview:

Team MissMalini: How did you get chosen for Bigg Boss 7?

Hazel Keech: It was a really good experience, yet, a really difficult experience. But I’m really glad I did it.

When I was first offered the show, I refused it because I was shooting for a film and didn’t have dates. But then, that movie went into some sort of a delay, so I figured I might as well give this a go.

For me, the reason I said yes was because the whole concept of being locked away with no Internet, phones, TV, reading or writing – would be an interesting experience. I’ve never been camping or anything like that, so I’ve never been in that kind of situation.

I was there for only one week but it was really crazy. I was really glad I was in Jahannum because I really liked the people in Jahannum. Everyone was really chilled out, very easy-going and good, clean people at heart.

Team MM: How did you feel about being voted out?

HK: I was a bit disappointed, but the first week itself, I got very unwell. Every day my health was getting worse and worse and by Friday night, I physically couldn’t stand anymore. So Kamya Punjabi and Gauhar Khan carried me into the Bigg Boss confession room and I told him, “I’m very sick. Please do something!”

So I feel that was the reason that I was eliminated. I had packed for three months. I thought I would be there for a long time. I think the living conditions in Jahannum contributed to me being unwell. Perhaps, it was the lack of food for everybody or the lack of water for a day and a half.

Hazel Keech
Hazel Keech

Team MM: Tell us about your upcoming film projects.

HK: Yes, I’m starting a film in January 2014. It’s called Bol Bollywood and I’m the lead actress in it. It’s a really lovely story but I can’t tell you much more about it.

Hazel Keech
Hazel Keech

Team MM: Any message for your fans?

HK: Thank you so much to all my fans who voted for me to stay in the Bigg Boss house. I really appreciate it. I’ve had so many messages from you all on Twitter and Facebook. I really appreciate your love and support and I’m always there for all of you.

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