"Puneet Speaks With His Eyes and Screams in His Whispers!" - Ram Gopal Varma on His Satya 2 Hero

Team MissMalini , 16 Oct 2013
Puneet Singh Ratn
Puneet Singh Ratn

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has decided to take a sabbatical from making films of the gangster/underworld genre. He has plans to start making romantic flicks.

If that’s true, then Satya 2, which releases on October 25th, will be his last underworld film. Then again, nothing Ram Gopal Varma says should be set in stone as he’s quite well known for changing his mind as often as he changes his socks.

Nonetheless, Satya 2 – which has no bearing on the original, Satya – sees a new villain emerge from the underworld and the film is set in modern-day Mumbai.

Puneet Singh Ratn
Puneet Singh Ratn

The star of the film is Puneet Singh Ratn, a hunky new-comer who took all of ten minutes to land the role when he auditioned for Varma.

Says Varma in a media note, “Satya in Satya 2 is probably the most unique character I have created in my entire career and I couldn’t even have dreamed of having a better actor than Puneet to portray this role. I love machismo in heroes and Puneet naturally has it in his persona which one can clearly see on screen. He speaks with his eyes and screams in his whispers!”

Puneet Singh Ratn
Puneet Singh Rattan

Adds Puneet Singh Ratn, “I do not consider Satya 2 my debut film. I prefer to think of it as a character I am playing and the fact that it is my first film is just a technicality. RGV is a genius and working with him in the film has expanded my vision of the world of films and how differently they can be portrayed. The audiences today are very varied in their tastes and sensibilities and this film has a lot of inherent shock value along with a lot of emotional conflicts. I hope that they will see Satya (my character) in the right perspective as I have projected this character almost literally, living it in my head for the past one year!”

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