Where Will You Be Creeping This Halloween?

MissMalini , 17 Oct 2013
Halloween 2013
Halloween 2013

Listen up boys & girls! This is going to by our BIGGEST Halloween blow out EVER. MissMalini and Friday Club are synching up with Cheval & LIV to co-host the MOST massive (and KILLER) Halloween party this city has ever seen! So be there or die trying.

I don’t know if you know this, but we’ve been noticing some SERIOUSLY creepy happenings at Cheval this past week so what better place to haunt on Halloween?!

“Unbelievable!!! This really happened at Cheval, I see something do you?”

Cheval, Mumbai
Cheval, Mumbai

“A couple of guests mentioned a slight chill at the restaurant last night. Strange, because we’ve not touched the temperature controls since we opened our doors in Jan. Anyway, we’ve upped our temperatures slightly to make things a little more comfortable for your Friday night dinner.”

RSVP here: facebook event
Aman +919619264505

Charges for people who don’t rsvp in time will be 1000rs per couple and 1000rs per stag.

PS. You MUST be in costume, any costume will do. I’ll scare you later :) xoxo

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