Emraan Hashmi is Tired of Kissing!

Rashmi Daryanani , 18 Oct 2013
Emraan Hashmi
Emraan Hashmi

It’s pretty much expected to see Emraan Hashmi do a kissing scene in one of his films, but have you ever wondered what the actor himself thinks about this “requirement”? He’s the guest on The Front Row this week, so Anupama Chopra asks him whether kissing is a given now, and part of the “Emraan Hashmi formula.” His answer may surprise you; it turns out that it’s not exactly something he enjoys doing at all. Read the excerpt for his full reply!

Anupama Chopra and Emraan Hashmi
Anupama Chopra and Emraan Hashmi

Anupama Chopra: Emraan, you by your own count have kissed around 29 heroines. So is that just now a given? Is that part of the Emraan Hashmi formula?

Emraan: Apparently. I’m sick and tired of it but the audience and my makers don’t seem to think so. I’ll be more than happy if I’m not doing it in the film. But nobody lets me be. (smiles) Life is so tough. I have to do these things to please my producers, the audience and the director. But it finds its way in every film. And it’s always there.

Anupama: But do you ever say no?

Emraan: I do, yes. And then I get chased in my makeup van and dragged out and say, “No, you have to do a kissing scene.” The director runs in, the heroine runs in and pulls me out, “You have to do it!” I’m like, “Okay, let’s do it. Fine, let’s get it over with.”

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