My Kiss With Deepika is the Best You'll Ever See, Says Ranveer Singh

Rashmi Daryanani , 18 Oct 2013

Ranveer Singh claims that the reason he and Deepika Padukone have such great chemistry is because “she’s all grace” while he’s “absolutely raw.” It’s definitely something we agree with, and if the promos have proved one thing, it’s that Ram-Leela‘s going to be worth a watch at least for these two. In fact, Ranveer’s even gone on record to say that he thinks they’re the hottest pair this year, and believes his kiss with her is the best you’ll see!

Ranveer told DNA:

I think [my lip-lock with Deepika the hottest kiss ever in a Hindi film]. I hope that there will be no objection to the kiss because it’s a beautiful kiss. I hope they don’t cut the duration because it’s a long kiss. It’s the best kiss you’ll ever see in a Hindi movie.

And remember those stories that said he was so engrossed in the kissing scene that he didn’t hear director Sanjay Leela Bhansali say ‘cut’? Yup, Ranveer says he was “a bit lost in the moment.” We bet!

Psst! Remember when he dished about love and being able to look only at Deepika?

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