Help Nirbhaya’s Story Be Told.

Help Nirbhaya’s Story Be Told.


Based on the performers’ real life experiences and the violent incident that shocked Delhi and the world.

30 day countdown begins NOW. This is a story that MUST be told and must be heard. 2013’s Amnesty International winning play, NIRBHAYA, has launched it’s KICKSTARTER campaign to raise funds for it’s India tour. Help bring it back to the country where it all began. Their goal is to raise £50,000 or more in 30 days. Big love and light to Poorna Jagannathan and Yael Farber for going on this heartbreaking journey.

What will your contribution help do?

It will help bring NIRBHAYA to India. “By raising the money here, we free the production from producers or sponsors who will expect profit or may view the message as too controversial. With your help, our hope is that we will be able to continue to raise our voices against the silence, and give others the courage to do the same. A tour in India in December 2013 will mark the anniversary of Jyoti Singh Pandey’s death.”

Donate and distribute widely here. Do it for Nirbhaya.

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