Guess Who? This Designer “Carries Off” Another Designer’s Clothes & Accessories!

Guess Who? This Designer “Carries Off” Another Designer’s Clothes & Accessories!

Team MissMalini
Guess who?
Guess who?

While most people in fashion make it a point to carry off the latest looks for the season, there’s a certain designer out there who literally carries off things – especially when she visits boutiques or other people’s houses!

The lady we are referring to used to regularly visit a “High” street clothing store in Mumbai and bully the sales people and manager into giving her free clothes, because she was a “celebrity” and would get them publicity by wearing their outfits.

When no publicity came through after they got conned by her promises, twice, they shut the door on her and switched off their phones each time she tries to call.

But that’s nothing compared to the time she visited and stayed with a friend in another city in India. She rang her friend (who, incidentally is hugely rich and well-connected) and requested the friend to allow her to stay the night at her huge house, because she was not happy with the hotel she was staying in.

The friend invited her over to stay. Two days later, when this designer left for back home, Mumbai, the friend realized that some antique shawls (which were family heirlooms) and a hugely expensive designer handbag were missing from the cupboard in the room the designer stayed in.

Tch! Tch! Clearly this lady likes to “carry off” things that don’t belong to her!

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