10 Things Your Hairdresser Wishes You Knew

Karen Alfonso , 24 Oct 2013

Steven Micks, International Creative Director, Blliis by Ravissant shares with us his expertise on how we can help the hairdresser help us.

Steven Mick
Steven Mick

Every day, we get clients who want beautiful celebrity hair but they do very little to take care of their mane. Just a little everyday care goes a long way in attaining smooth shiny healthy hair.

Work by Steven Mick
Work by Steven Mick

1. The first thing is to use a good shampoo. According to your hair type, one should use an enriching shampoo, one which provides moisture to the ends.

2. Have your ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks. This prevents the hair from splitting and stimulates your hair to look healthy.

3. Please avoid off-the-shelf box hair colours as they really damage your hair. And retouch the roots every 4-5 weeks to avoid looking like unkempt and shabby.

4. A serum to tame dry ends is a must.

5. As far as possible, you should avoid exposing your hair to extreme heat.

6. Personalizing haircut and consulting the stylist is a must, as a haircut that complements your face cut brings out the best of your personality.

7. Always listen to the recommendation of a hair stylist as he is a professional.

8. Do not wash hair after colouring for 72 hours.

9. Avoid relighting hair over the highlights as it can damage your hair and become pigment-less.

10. Ask your hairdresser for a steam conditioner treatment and get your hair-styling done with lots of movement, shine and life.

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