7 Life Lessons From Jab We Met

Rashmi Daryanani , 28 Oct 2013
Jab We Met
Jab We Met

It just occurred to me that over this weekend – October 26th, to be precise – Jab We Met celebrated its six-year anniversary. That sort of makes me feel old, but that’s not the point: the point is, in all these six years, no film has been able to topple it off #1 on my favourite romcoms list. At the same time, I feel like calling Jab We Met just a romcom is doing it a disservice, since it’s also one of the most intelligently written films of our generation. In general, Jab We Met has become a way of life – not only do I whip out one of the dialogues to use regularly (“main apni favourite hoon” is a daily affair around here), but I also think the movie has a lot to teach. Here are seven lessons I’ve learned from Jab We Met!

1. Life is unexpected…

“Zindagi ek rail ki patri hai, ek inch ka bend aur meelo ki doori…”

2. … but it will always be okay

It may take a moment for everything to go wrong, but it can take a moment for everything to fix itself, too. You never know what will happen or who you’ll run into to turn things around!

3. Make your own decisions…

“Aagey kya hone wala hai, is pe kisi ka control nahin hai. Toh aise mein main wahi karti hoon jo mera dil kehta hai. Meri life jo bhi hogi, mujhe pata hoga ki meri wajeh se aisi hai. Toh I’ll be happy.”

4. … but be ready to deal with the consequences

If things don’t go according to plan, be prepared to deal with it – instead of scuttling back home.

5. Don’t underestimate the power of childish madness

Sometimes you need to deal with things like a child in order to get over them, no matter how ridiculous it sounds at first. Just let it out. Better lag raha hai?

6. The elderly don’t always know everything

They think they know it all, but they’re not always right. Your job is to smile and nod anyway.

7. Irony is everywhere

I’m imaging one day growing old and teaching my children during an English Literature lesson: “Well, like in Jab We Met, the super shady motel is called Hotel Decent. Get it? That’s irony.”

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