English Lessons I Learnt From Bollywood

Dhruvi Shah , 28 Oct 2013
Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

When you grow up watching as much Bollywood as we Indians do, you’re bound to learn from the movies. Funnily enough, Bollywood has rewritten some of the English rules for us. Here’s what I’ve learnt:

the alphabet

You gotta start with the basics. What better way to learn the alphabet than Salman Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Karishma Kapoor and their make-believe family singing it out for you?

what mad actually means

I grew up in the ’90s and I remember going to school around the time this song released. It was a rage! Of course, then and now, we all know mad actually means “my A-dorable darling” in true Anu Malik style.

Meaning of the acronym ilu ilu

Want to express your love for another but are too shy? Don’t worry, make up an acronym like ILU ILU. It simply means I Love U. In case you were still wondering, U means you, silly.

when duniya is spelt with an i

This is twisted English but absolutely hilarious. ‘Duniya mein aayi ho toh love karlo’ – such a sweet message – if you have arrived in this world, might as well love.

 calling someone an idiot

I can’t place this one but I do remember that calling someone an “idiot” actually means confessing to them, “I do ishq only tumse”.

These are the fun English lessons I learnt from Bollywood. Do you remember some more?

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