Chocolate + Arjun Rampal = A Match Made in Heaven

Team MissMalini , 31 Oct 2013
Arjun Rampal
Arjun Rampal

While Arjun Rampal is arguably one of Bollywood’s hottest man, he can now officially claim to be Bollywood’s hottest chocolate hero.

The hunky actor has been signed on by MARS International India to star in an advertisement where he will play the role of, what else but, a “chocolate hero”.

Says Arjun in a media statement, “This is the first time that I have shot for a campaign in which I play a character that is ‘me’- an actor!”

Of course, when we think of Arjun Rampal and chocolate at the same time, we tend to get ideas that are…well…risque, at best. Tee hee!

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