How To Be An Awesome Bollywood Villain? Tips From The Best In The Game

Marv D'Souza , 02 Nov 2013
How to dress like the ultimate Bollywood villain!
How to dress like the ultimate Bollywood villain!

This Halloween, we at MissMalini dressed up to work, ‘Bollywood Villain’ style! And to inspire us, we asked the legends themselves to give us a head start to understanding their style. We spoke to Gulshan Grover, Shakti Kapoor and Ranjeet who gave us tips on “How To Be An Awesome Villain”.  Here’s what they had to say…

Gulshan Grover: “You need to have guts, courage and a certain calmness… be distinct and stand out!”
Gulshan Grover
Gulshan Grover

Also known as ‘Bad Man’, Gulshan Grover has played a number of villainous characters and pretty much nailed each one of them. He explained to us about the high level of mental and physical strain involved in playing a negative role. Digging deeper, Grover pointed out the fact that at the end, being the Bad Man isn’t as glamourous or glorious as it seems. After all, his character is horribly punished at the end of the film

So if you’re planning to dress as the ‘Bad Man’, then be innovative. The actor defines his signature film style by keeping each look distinct. His only advice is to be unique and don’t play too safe!

Shakti Kapoor: “Don’t dress ugly, you need to be able to patao the heroine”
Shakti Kapoor
Shakti Kapoor

Shakti Kapoor believes that “it is the writer that actually makes the villain work”. And with the costumes in place and and the writer’s dialogues memorized, Kapoor adds his own take to the mix. So what does it really take to be as villainous as Mr. Kapoor?

The infamous ‘Crime Master Gogo’ actor believes that the villain must be swankier than the hero. “You have to dress smart and not ugly. You absolutely have to be able to patao the heroine”. Understand?

Ranjeet: “Ditch the henchman and accessorize with a defenseless damsel”
Ranjeet and his looks
Ranjeet and his looks

While playing a villain in his movies, Ranjeet is always prepared to have the audience hate him. Being the ultimate Bollywood villain, most importantly, involves that fact that everyone is going to hate you and as a villain, you need to love every minute of it.

To play him, Ranjeet adorably sent us a step by step guideline!
1. Perform dastardly deeds in bold prints
2. Ditch the henchman and accessorize with a defenseless damsel
3. Tight bell-bottoms, tighter shirt, bare chest and massive man jewelry

Needles to say, these tips set us up for a fun Team MissMalini Bollywood Villains Halloween dress up day. And Halloween or not, if you’re planning a costume party, be sure to keep these tricks handy! To see pictures and make your own notes on how to be the ultimate Bollywood villain, click here. Happy dressing!
With inputs from Ranjit Rodricks and Diyanka Bedi

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