9 Unexpected Things We Discussed at Our Office Diwali Party :)

MissMalini , 02 Nov 2013
Team MissMalini Diwali
Team MissMalini Diwali

One of the things I LOVE about Team MissMalini is the shockingly wide array of topics that come up any given lunchtime. Also of late we’ve started playing “dress up” once a month (just because!) and so discussions have gotten quite animated about that too now again! Mostly about who will be what and why :) So here’s a peak at a few of the things that came up over Diwali lunch yesterday afternoon. And now from me and the rest of Team MissMalini… HAPPY DIWALI! You know we love you. xoxo

Team MissMalini
Team MissMalini

PS. It took us SEVERAL takes to do this Instavideo for you because we kept cracking ourselves up :)

Now on to the juicy bits! 

1. Chair v/s Daire

Chuck or Dan? This age-old war has been raging at the office since last June. Team MissMalini remains evenly divided about who we prefer as the perfect match for our beloved Blaire on Gossip Girl. Funnily enough yesterday we sucked Nowshad into this conversation and he said something like, “better in what way? Like who will treat her better or who she is actually attracted to?” My point exactly. Btw, I’m team Chuck all the way *high five Amu!* :)


I don’t know if you know this about me but I love telling awful punch-yourself-in-the-face jokes. The REALLY stupid kind. They crack me up. For instance:

Why do Gujrati kids drool when they watch Spongebob Squarepants? Because they think he’s a DHOKLA!  *LOL*

You like that eh? Here’s another one.

A potato was being interrogated by the police. After three hours of torture he broke down and said, “main batata hoon!” *LOL*

3. The Archies Reboot

Ranjit from Team MM is a huge Archie comics fan so he has already decided what his birthday dress up theme for next April will be – The Archies! Not only that, he has also already decided which character each member of Team MM will be!

Needless to say no contest on Veronica Lodge, but you’ll just have to wait and see for the rest :)
PS. Who would YOU pick for me and the rest of the team?!

4. MissMalini’s secret ancient Bollywood playlist

In my defence it has been a WHILE since I updated my iTunes Bollywood playlist and I let the team play DJ at the office anyway. But when the Internet went down and we switched to mine, this is what came up. Eeks! Obviously Team Bollywood was très amused!


Unfortunately (for you) this one’s TOTALLY off the record but we discussed some crazy things we’ve heard happened in Akshay Kumar‘s vanity van and a few Bollywood starlets he double dated back in his Mohra days.


While randomly discussing Bappi Lahiri (as you do if you’re Team MM) and Bollywood songs that are ripped off from obscure world music, Nowshad suddenly piped up about the origins of Tamma Tamma Loge from Thanedar. (Oh wait, maybe because it started playing on my ancient Bollywood playlist.) Anyway, then he showed us the YouTube video…

PS. As you can see, he’s not a fan of Instavideo however.

7. Karl Lagerfeld’s cat

As Dhruvi’s birthday is in November she gets to pick our next dress up theme. She has chosen Fashion Icons and everyone is very excited! The funniest part was Nowshad saying he wanted to be, “that guy with the white ponytail” to which we all yelled “Karl Lagerfeld!”

And Mike grinned that he had been suggesting all along that Marv go as Karl Lagerfeld’s CAT! Hahahaha

8. #OverHeardAtWork

The team has also started a hashtag called #OverheardAtWork which everyone uses to tweet funny things that come up in conversation at Team MM headquarters. Yesterday it was my turn to be tweeted, when I admitted this. Hahaha #TrueFact.

Team MissMalini
Team MissMalini

Again, Team MissMalini quite loves Priyanka Chopra‘s Exotic so we were blasting it on full volume and Amu was teaching us the moves. We also do this often just to annoy Nowshad but he seems to enjoy it sometimes.

Team MissMalini
Team MissMalini

I also love that the team posed up a storm before heading home for more Diwali celebrations. Best. Team. EVER! I love you guys. Here’s wishing everybody lots of love, light and laughter this Diwali :)

Team MissMalini
Team MissMalini

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