Guess Who? This Star is Bowled Over by a Former Cricket Captain

Team MissMalini , 05 Nov 2013
Guess who?
Guess who?

Reams of newsprint have been dedicated to this luscious and pouty Bollywood babe. And she has legions of fans who stalk her with every breath she takes. But most importantly, in the recent past, she’s been linked to a star.

One of our sources tells us about him, “He gets infatuated easily. He was also smitten with an ex Miss Universe. But that fizzled out pretty soon. And so will this phase of infatuation over this leggy lass.”

And fizzle out, it has! But we’re not sure from which side.

According to our source, a high ranking officer went to an ex cricket Captain’s house recently and was pleasantly surprised to find this Bollywood beauty playing lady-of-the-house. Whats more is that she even served the officer tea, herself!

Can you guess who they are?

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