8 Fascinating Observations and Interpretations of the Rorschach Ink-blot

Dhruvi Shah , 11 Nov 2013

Disclaimer: We conducted a fun experiment at the MissMalini HQ based on a single image from Hermann Rorschach’s Ink-Blot test. We don’t claim the interpretations to be final and are being shared with the consent of the participants.

Rorschach Google Doodle
Rorschach Google Doodle

The other day, Google paid a tribute to Hermann Rorschach with an ink-blot test as their doodle. We thought it would be fun to know what Team MissMalini saw on one picture card from the test. We then had Dr. Narendra Kinger, Clinical psychologist and psychotherapist interpret the observations. If you have some of the same observations, maybe you’ll know what they mean.

Rorschach's Ink-blot
Rorschach’s Ink-blot

Observation 1: Two evil seahorses, unicorn seahorses, they’ve released some of their ink as defense mechanism.
Dr. Kinger’s interpretations: Has a negative perception of others. Perceives others as “guarded”/ controlled/ not revealing of self.

Observation 2: Two seahorses mating, two Chinese dragons mating.
Dr. Kinger’s interpretations: Preoccupied with “mating”/ sex/ procreation. Has suppressed anger but consciously caring and positive.

Observation 3: Two seahorses in love, mates for life. A happy, positive picture. Kinda looks like they’re smiling.
Dr. Kinger’s interpretations: Has a strong need for “love/ support/ lover/ caring people” in her life. Needs to experience positivity and dislikes negative experiences. Desires to Perceive others as “happy” and “positive”. Unable to tolerate feelings of sadness/ depression.

Observation 4: Two reindeers, fighting buckheads, fire, it’s a pretty intense scene, forest is burning down, it’s a bit of a distressed situation, mirror image, almost seeing the reindeer head.
Dr. Kinger’s interpretations: Has lot of suppressed anger and frustration internally. Strong feelings of anxiety, has a negative perception of situations largely. Very “literal” in thinking, wants to see more than he can see/ perceive. High need for achievement, but may get into unnecessary detail. Verbose, may talk excessively. Unable to express emotions “effectively” and gets burdened by them. Ocassionally unsure.

Observation 5: Two animals, world cup.
Dr. Kinger’s interpretationsHas a stereotypical view of the world. Desires to do something great/ noteworthy/ of significance in her life.

Observation 6: Two guys firing guns at each other.
Dr. Kinger’s interpretations: Has latent anger and feelings of frustration. Has a negative perception of others. Easily frustrated.

Observation 7: Fire, blood, clouds, pigs at the bottom, horse’s head, horns.
Dr. Kinger’s interpretations: Has a lot of suppressed anger and frustration internally. May be preoccupied with her bodily functions. Doesn’t trust others easily. Ocasionally overcritical. Afraid of being harmed by environment, interested in Self protective” mechanism.

Observation 8: Began with can’t see a thing. Coloured smoke, a beast on a pink ledge with fire behind, might be a mutant bat.
Dr. Kinger’s interpretationsHas a lot of fear about environment, strong fear of the unknown. Afraid of being lashed out/ harmed by others (strong latent anxiety). Cannot handle ambiguous situations and may function poorly under such situations. Internally honest but may or may not express self.

Different personalities
Different personalities

Can you guess who saw what from Team MissMalini? Why don’t you tell us what you see in the picture card in the comments below. And do let us know if your observations match with any of ours.

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