Chapped Lips? We've Found the Best Lip Balms For You

Karen Alfonso , 20 Nov 2013
Lip Balm
Lip Balms

There’s a nip in the air that’s causing us to reach out for our coats and jackets. With the temperatures dipping, our skin tends to stretch and become dry. We usually combat that by quenching it with thick body lotions. However, most often, we neglect our lips and that results in them being scaly and chapped. We’ve scouted around for some of the best lip balms that will appeal to every budget.

 The Body Shop
The Body Shop Born Lippy
The Body Shop Born Lippy Rs 250/-

The Body Shop has long been our favourite for their hydrating products; the Born Lippy range has lip-smacking flavours of raspberry, strawberry and passion fruit that give us hydration all day through.

Clinique Chubby Stick
Chubby Stick Rs 1025/-
Chubby Stick Rs 1025/-

We’re loving the chubby stick owing to its easy glide-on application. What’s more, the range comes with plenty of shades that give your lips a lovely, juicy burst of colour.

 Bliss Fabulips
Bliss Fabulips Rs 1300/-
Bliss Fabulips Rs 1300/-

Aside from a lip balm that promises to give you super supple lips, the Fabulips range also contains a lip scrub and plumper. We want it all!

M.A.C Lip Conditioner
MAC Lip balm Rs 1050/-
MAC Lip balm Rs 1050/-

We love double duty products and the MAC lip conditioner gives your pout a pink sheen. It’s compact size makes it easy to stash away in our handbags or clutches.

Burt’s Bees
Burt's Bees Rs 400/-
Burt’s Bees Rs 400/-

With a formula that’s all natural and soothing pomegranate oil, we can’t resist licking our lips.

 Elle 18
Elle 18 Rs 110/-
Elle 18 Rs 110/-

The non-sticky formula contains Jojoba and Olive oil and comes in shades ranging from mauve to deep berry.

 L’Oreal Hydrafresh
L'Oreal Hydrafresh Rs 400/-
L’Oreal Hydrafresh Rs 299/-

Facing extreme cold and harsh winds? This formula will protect your lips and deliver a glossy sheen at the same time.

Maybelline Baby Lips
Maybelline Baby Lips Rs 125/-
Maybelline Baby Lips Rs 125/-

An office favourite, these colourful little tubes had us sold at the packaging. It delivers a punch with its super-moisturising properties. We’ve been snapping these just to get oh-so-soft kissable lips.

Kiehl’s Rs 495/-

Kiehl’s has been around since 1851, so they do know a thing or two about skin care. The New York brand packs a punch with ingredients such as sweet almond oil, lanolin and Vitamin E and gives SPF cover.

What’s your favourite lip balm?

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