5 Style Tips To Look Like King Khan

Marv D'Souza , 21 Nov 2013
Shah Rukh Khan's chic style
Shah Rukh Khan’s chic style

Shah Rukh Khan is fabulously suave and has the ability to be sexy at the push of a button. So how does he maintain his King status? Apart from the fact that he is notoriously hardworking and extremely well-read, the Badshah of Bollywood carries himself with a sense of style that we, at MissMalini love. So here are 5 things that men can learn from the King Khan.

A gentlemen never screams
Shah Rukh's suave side
Shah Rukh’s suave side

If you aren’t great at experimenting or simply get intimidated by the word – ‘fashion’, then keep it simple and stick to the classics. A well-fitted white shirt and a slim suit in a dark tone is what you definitely need in your wardrobe. Play with ties that have a subtle design element and match it with a cool pocket square. Remember the devil is in the details, so add on a ritzy tie-pin and cuff-links to this classy look that SRK pulls off so effortlessly.

Accessorize like a boss
Rock pocket squares like the Badshah
Rock pocket squares like the Badshah

As previously mentioned (in this post and numerous times earlier), accessories can give your look a fashionable edge. And it’s not that difficult. While your shirt, blazer and trousers may have an understated look, you can jazz it up with a fun pocket square, a cool watch and a scarf. Don’t hold back on choosing textures and prints, it’s a fun way to looking and feeling expensive.

Stand Tall
Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan is all about the illusion. He may not be as tall as a runway model and was never the conventionally pretty boy. But it is his poise and charm that get him all the attention. Apart from his magnetic personality, his personal style speaks volumes about the man. Taking tips from his look, you could choose a well-tailored blazer and slim pants that add length to your frame. And remember that Shah Rukh wears the clothes and stands strong in them. So don’t pick pieces that you aren’t too sure about. Be confident about your choice and stand tall.

Don’t Hold Back On The Attitude
Shah Rukh rocking out in a jacket
Shah Rukh rocking out in a jacket

Every now and then, Shah Rukh pulls out a bold look with cool street attitude. Like in the above picture, where he rocks out in an uber-cool jacket. You could pull this one off too. All you need to do is set a base for the jacket by keeping the T-shirt and jeans combination in a simple and understated sense. You then rock on in a statement leather jacket or one like SRK and head to that crazy night around the town. Remember to team the jacket with a pair of funky sneakers and you’re set!

always put your best foot forward
Shah Rukh's super chic shoes
Shah Rukh’s super chic shoes

If you’ve paid close attention to Shah Rukh, he is very particular about his footwear. Whether photographed or not, his shoes are always super stylish. And as the saying goes, “shoes make a man”; you definitely must take this into account. Invest in a few pairs that have a great look and are versatile to style. Boys take note: whether they mention it or not, women always notice your shoes. So be sure to complete every look with a pair of shoes that fits beautifully and looks radical.

Keeping in mind Shah Rukh’s superstar style, we’ve shortlisted a range of products from Flipkart, so you get all your party garbs at one stop. Choose from cool apparels to chic accessories in a range that fits your own taste. Balance your look to a fun evening with the above tips and you’ll definitely look and feel like a star. Do not forget to flip through our Flipkart Diaries for more tips on dressing and shopping!

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