Find Out What Other Girls Think About Your Man with the Lulu App!

MissMalini , 25 Nov 2013

Ohmygod single ladies guess what I just found for you! There is a new, FREE, female-friendly social networking app that lets women anonymously review their male Facebook friends – so you can learn all about them and their habits from other women before you meet them! That’s right. Say hello to Lulu.

Women get to rate the guys with hashtags like #NeverSleepsOver, #PornEducated, #KinkyInTheRightWays and #FriendZone to help Lulu score them on a scale of 1 to 10! Pink hashtags? I’m sold!

(Oh and men can add blue hashtags but that doesn’t help or hinder you score boys.) Founder Alexandra Chong says, “I created Lulu because my girlfriends and I needed it.” Where were you Alexandra through all my 20s, where? But now that you’re here I HAVE to spread the love. #FTW Girls, enjoy your Guygle. xoxo

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