Kim Kardashian or Seth Rogen: Who Did the Topless Bound 2 Video Better?

Amruta Khatavkar , 26 Nov 2013
Bound 2
Bound 2

We all know how much people love to poke fun at Kim Kardashian and the entire Kardashian ‘Klan’ in general. Now that she and Kanye West have come up with this sexually explicit music video, ‘Bound 2’, they have become the butt of every topless joke that has come around since. What’s funnier is that James Franco and Seth Rogen released a hilarious parody of their song yesterday. I suggest you go and watch both the videos right away and vote for the one you can’t get enough of!

Kim has taken to Twitter to comment on this act and all she said was “You nailed it! Soooo funny!“.

Kim Kardashian's Tweet
Kim Kardashian’s Tweet

I’m sure it must have been really difficult for them to create the video and only Seth Rogen is capable of doing a Kim Kardashian topless spoof so well. I mean, check out that look in his eyes!

Obviously, Team MissMalini is obsessed with such crazy, fun things happening in the world and we’ve been looking around the web for the best comparison video… only to make it easier for you to vote of course! Tell us in the comments what you think.

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