Things You Probably Didn't Know About The FRIENDS!

MissMalini , 30 Nov 2013

I just turned on E Entertainment and chanced upon a FRIENDS documentary! I found these bits of trivia fascinating so I thought I’d share :) xoxo

1. Jennifer Aniston – Rachel got her break in a campy low budget horror movie called Leprechaun. The producers wanted her to dye her hair blonde for the role but she managed not to. When Brad Pitt started dating Jennifer Aniston he would hang out on the sets of FRIENDS all the time!

2. David SchwimmerRoss had braces with head gear as a kid, and hence no social life! For a while he wore makeup and a long bedazzled earring to fit in and be “cool”.

3. Courtney Cox – Monica was picked to be the girl Bruce Springsteen pulls on stage in his music video. Courtney also played Michael J. Fox‘s girlfriend on the sitcom Family Ties and dated Batman – Michael Keaton.

4. Mathew Perry – Chandler went to the same school in Ottowa, Canada as Nowshie did called Ashbury College! Mathew wanted to be professional tennis player but then followed his father into entertainment.

5. Young Matt Le Blanc – Joey wanted to be a professional motorcycle racer! When he started out he did a bunch of Levis and Coke commercials. I hear Vince Vaughn auditioned for his role too.

6. Lisa Kudrow – Phoebe used to do stand up comedy and used to date Conan O’Brien. Before her break in friends she actually played a waitress in another sitcom called Mad About You who’s name was Ursula!

And now, one of my favourite things to watch – FRIENDS BLOOPERS!

So will there ever be a movie?! Sadly no. New rumours of a reunion in 2013 were silenced by co-creator Marta Kauffman, who said there would never be a FRIENDS movie since al the characters have now grown up and FRIENDS was about that time in your life when your friends are your family and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore. *Awww* :(

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