Birthday Special: 7 Sides to Britney Spears

Marv D'Souza
Britney Spears (Photo by PR Photos)
Britney Spears (Photo by PR Photos)

Britney Spears needs no introduction. From her beginnings with the Mickey Mouse Club to being one of the highest paid female pop acts in history, we wish Britney a very happy birthday! In celebration, we list down the different sides to the singer that confirms her status as a power house pop star.

The Cutie

In the video, a young Britney shows signs of a pop sensation waiting to be unleashed. When Britney was 8, she auditioned for the Mickey Mouse club. But it was only after two years that she was officially a member of the caste, along with Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake and JC Chasez of ‘N Sync.

The Sensation

When Britney’s Baby One More Time was released, the world was paying attention through every medium. Britney Spears was officially on her journey to a certified star status in the big league. The video received an iconic status and so did Britney’s naughty school girl costume.

The Dancer

Record after record, and one performance after another, Spears brought more than just her vocal talents to the table. Even among pop stars in bigger leagues than her, Britney put her best step forward. She was an entertainment and a darn good one. And she did not just bring a great performance on stage but pushed the limits to what a teen pop star was capable of.

The Sex Symbol

Britney grew up and was ready to break out as a woman. And the world had no choice against it, when she released a video called I’m A Slave For You. The page was officially turn on to a new era of Spears. A sweaty underground party and a belly dancing Britney was what everyone was talking about.

The Heartbroken

With all the fame, money and attention followed the heartbreak and then the infamous train wreck. While the world watched and some ridiculed her, Britney’s stardom and struggles were documented through it all. It was a tough time and she made it through.

The Fighter

Like a phoenix, she rose and address it all in her power track, Piece Of Me from the album, Circus. With references made to the paparazzi and the press to her love affairs and motherhood, she showed a biographical side as an artist, mother and as an icon.

The Icon

She is not only a major pop icon but has used her name as an entrepreneur, actress, a judge on popular talent show and is still relevant as an artist. In her single, Work B*tch, Spears makes some pretty honest references to having a rockstar life and the work it takes. And she definitely has worked for all of it!

From collaborating with legends like Madonna to single-handedly breaking pop records, Spears is truly in a league of her own. So we wish the fabulous Britney a very happy birthday and wish that the music never stops!