7 Mind-Blaaasssting Dance Moves That Are SOOO Bollywood!

Rashmi Daryanani , 03 Dec 2013
Pelvic Thrusts
Pelvic Thrusts

Where would Bollywood be without the infamous pelvic thrust? It was practically a feature of its own in 90s Hindi music, made popular by the one and only Govinda. But while they are a common occurrence in Bollywood films, not all pelvic thrusts are created equal. In fact, we’re, uh, lucky enough to have a smorgasbord of thrusts that our actors (and even actresses) pull out on a regular basis. So in case you need a quick lesson in pelvic gyrations, read on for some of the mind-blasting variations that have been showcased in the industry over the years. Consider it your Pelvic Thrust 101. You’re welcome.

1. The “I’m South Indian and This is How We Do It” Thrust

It’s not enough to simply do the thrust. Oh no. This is Prabhudheva we’re talking about, so of course he’s got to set the bar high. How many other actors can go down that low and then do one single thrust? Consider it a challenge.

Song: Muqabala – Hum Se Hai Muqabala

2. The “I Wanna Poop But I’m Constipated” Thrust

I’m not really sure what Sunny Deol was attempting in this video, but wow. It looks like some strange cross between a pelvic thrust and a froggy jump. Kind of looks like he’s constipated, really.

Song: Yaara O Yaara – Jeet

3. The “Women Do It Better” Thrust

You’ve got to hand it to Karisma Kapoor, really – she was the queen of 90s masala songs and she never let the boys walk away with the limelight. This is only one of the many pelvic thrusts she’s done throughout her career. We’re so proud of you, Lolo.

Song: Le Gayi – Dil Toh Paagal Hai

4. The “Supernatural” Thrust (No Hands Required)

If you’re Salman Khan, you don’t even really need to put in any effort… your pelvis will move of its own accord. Marv D’Souza also likes to refer to this one as the “Shakira Thrust,” ’cause you know… Salman’s hips don’t lie.

Song: Dabangg Reloaded – Dabangg 2

5. The “Item Girl” Thrust

Also known as the Farah Khan-choreographed pelvic thrust. This was the first time Kareena Kapoor did a pelvic thrust for a film, and she said she had “great fun” doing it. Who wouldn’t?

Song: Fevicol Se – Dabangg 2

6. The “These 90s Heroes Ain’t Got Nothin’ On Me” Thrust

Ranveer Singh proves that the pelvic thrust shouldn’t be left behind in the 90s when there are actors like him around to carry on the tradition.

Song: Tattad Tattad – Ram-Leela

7. The “I’m Govinda and I Deserve My Own Category” Thrust

It’s Govinda. He requires 0% explanation, 100% appreciation.

Song: Ho Sarkay Lev Khattiya Jada Lage – Raja Babu

Which are your favourite pelvic thrusts?

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