Larra Shah
Larra Shah

Larra Shah is one of the few people from Mumbai’s social circuit who wears many hats and dabbles in the esoteric with much enthusiasm. From reading tarot cards to promoting Feng Shui paintings and writing books, Larra manages to juggle her passions with élan.

Last evening, she organised a promotion for her book, Feng Shui Art, that saw actress Vidya Malavade and the internationally renowned singer, Anaida, in attendance.

Called Colours & U, the event saw Larra discussing the effect of colour therapy on our everyday life. So apart from helping you understand your personality based on your favourite colours, Larra also advised the assembled guests on how the right paintings hung in the right place can enhance their life.

In fact, Larra invites artists to create specialized works which follow the principles and laws of Feng Shui and are thus perfectly suited for the buyer’s living or work space.

Team MissMalini asked her to explain three intriguing paintings from the collection:


Group of children
Group of children

Says Larra, “This painting depicts a group of kids having fun with a twinkle in their eyes. Since the predominant hue is a nice red color and the warm colors of the sunrise, this painting should be positioned well in the living room of the house on the south or the south-west wall. When you place the right color at the right place, at that point and time it creates a chi and a vibrant vibe in the immediate environment.”



Discussing this painting of a landscape, Larra tells us, “Because of the way the mountainous form that is considered to be solid and structural, this would be fantastic for someone who is looking for support in their environment or in their work place. It would be ideal to place this painting on the north-west wall of the living room or even the office space. But if the north-west wall is not available, even the west wall would be good.”



When we asked Larra about this triptych, she reveals, “Since they feature bold, primary colors, they could be put anywhere in the house and it will create a good Chi because the whole combination is good. The three paintings compliment each other even if they are on different walls and/or around each other.”

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