Durjoy Datta
Durjoy Datta

We’ve all heard about the grand gestures some guys make to sweep their girls off their feet. But sometimes, it really is about the little things. Here’s 5 simple things any guy can do to keep their girl feeling special and happy!

1) Text when her phone is off:

It’s not always easy to find time to talk on the phone and to keep the communication going, no matter how hard you try. This invariably causes a lot of bitterness. An easy way to mitigate this and show that you still think about her is to bombard her with text messages whenever her phone runs out of battery! That way when she switches on her phone next, she will be pleasantly surprised and will know that you still think of her all the time. She’ll know that you miss her, even when she’s not available. She might even forgive you for all the missed calls that you didn’t pick up!

2) It’s about the Small surprises rather than the big ones:

Buying expensive jewelry may not be possible every time you want to make your girl happy. But why should it come to that? Many little things matter more than one humongous thing. For example, you can lie to her that you’re coming two hours late but show up early, drop in an occasional love message where she least expects it (like on her defunct LinkedIn account or her work mail), leave a small meaningful chit by her bed side, or change your phone’s wallpaper to her picture and leave it lying on the bed. Try these and you may never have to buy a diamond again!

3) make a sacrificial gamble:

The next time you’re out shopping with your girlfriend/wife for your clothes, drop in a casual line that you would rather spend your money on her, and not yourself. It will be a gamble and may cost you dearly, but girls – the kind and lovely and beautiful species that they are – will turn around and go “Awww!” and might not take you up on it.
The beauty of this gesture is that it works in many scenarios. Like when you’re watching a soccer match. Ask her if she wants to watch something else. You can bet a small fortune she won’t change the channel!

4) Wake up minutes before her:

This would require you giving up on some sleep. But trust me, it’s worth it. Every girl digs Edward Cullen. C’mon. They do. They might lie but they do. So put on an alarm on your watches for five minutes before her alarm. Make sure it isn’t a loud Yo Yo Honey Singh song. Then just stay up and wait till she wakes up. And when she does and asks you, ‘Why are you up so early?’, you throw out that line that will turn your girl into mush: ‘I like watching you sleep.’

5) Get Lost:

Last but not the least, follow this adage: you don’t know what you’ve got till you’re gone. Sometimes, in a supermarket, or at a party, just go out of sight, go missing. Let her look around for you, let her miss you, let her panic, let her feel how much you complete her. And when she does, surprise her from behind and tell her that your missed her as much as she missed you. Just make sure you mean it, and don’t leave her hanging!

Ladies – share this with your man and show them what it’s all about!

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