Flipkart Women's Lifestyle  Store
Flipkart Women’s Lifestyle Store

Does your wardrobe scare you? Do you waste a good amount of time struggling to find an outfit for the day? Well, we hear you and completely sympathize. In fact, Flipkart does too and that’s exactly what their new TV commercial talks about! Check out their fun and fresh new TVC that hits the nail on the one wardrobe problem that most women definitely face, everyday!

The commercial aims to promote Flipkart’s new Women’s Store. What is it? To help you overcome your shopping and styling troubles, the minds at Flipkart have devised a genius plan! At their Women’s store, they offer you style tips, trend spotting and top picks. To help you understand better, here’s how it works.

Flipkart's Women's Store
Flipkart’s Women’s Store

When you click on to the Women’s Store, you will see that the page is sectioned in 3 parts: Casual, Trendy and Special Occasions, each offering you top picks of the season in sync with current trends. Not only that, they have look references with details on featured products that let you get an idea on how to style the look. In addition, the store covers everything from wardrobe to make-up, it is a lot like having a friendly assistance while you shop. Pretty awesome, isn’t it!

Flipkart's Women's Lifestyle Store
Flipkart’s Women’s Lifestyle Store

Above it all, we love the tagline – ‘When you have everything and still nothing to wear’. So, we thought, why not offer you solutions for some of the most dreaded wardrobe problems? So, if you need to know how to organize your cupboard, or you can simply never find what you need. We’re here for you and will help solve it. Tell us your problems in the comments and we’ll answer with solutions to 10 most common problems in our next post.