Can Katrina Kaif Pull Off Beyonce's Moves?

Industrywalla , 12 Dec 2013
Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif

When Katrina Kaif‘s Dhoom Machale Dhoom first hit the Internet, several people started talking about how similar the whole look and feel is to Beyonce‘s Run The World – the outfits, the moves, the entire vibe. Industrywalla tells us that this was a conscious decision; while they didn’t want to copy anything outright, Vaibhavi Merchant and her team were using Beyonce and her video as inspiration for Katrina’s moves. It looks like Kat wasn’t pleased, though, that the choreography was too similar to Beyonce’s moves, and even asked if they could be revised a little. Here’s what Industrywalla says!

Industrywalla says: Katrina Kaif might be looking stunning in the Dhoom 3 title track, but I know that, at first, she wasn’t too happy with the initial concept that is semi inspired by the look and feel of Beyonce’s Run The World music video. Although there are no direct similarities, I am told that a lot of references were drawn from Beyonce’s moves and the overall choreography of Run The World. It is possible that Kat was not quite sure if she could match up to Beyonce’s energetic moves – Beyonce is Beyonce, after all – which is why she was hesitant about doing it. I hear that the choreography was later changed, after Vaibhavi Merchant and Kat sat down to have discussions about simplifying the steps. Kat also did several rehearsals and retakes for the title song, until they came away with something that they were satisfied with.

Even with the revisions, some similarities remain. Check out their moves below:

Katrina Kaif:


More than the moves, though, it seems like what they were actually trying to copy is the attitude of the video. Beyonce looks fierce and all her moves are very strong – especially her leg ones – so it looks like that’s what they were going for. Anyway, it’s true that Katrina worked very hard to get all her moves right. Even for Kamli, where she’s doing so much of her acrobatics, you can see the work she put in:

What do you think? Was Katrina Kaif able to pull off Beyonce’s vibe?

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