I got this yesterday from Anisha Bangera, a food blogger in Mumbai. Let me just say first that I am glad you are safe and really appreciate you coming forward because as you said, these things don’t just happen to other people. Stay safe ladies.

Last night, I was robbed at knife-point by a rickshaw driver in the lane opposite Vero Moda, Santacruz (W). I was on my way back to Akhil’s house from a wedding at Bandra Gymkhana. While I waited at the D’Monte Park junction for a rickshaw, two guys from a paan shop across the street were staring at me. Out of fear, I found a rickshaw and quickly got into in without noting down the number. Having missed the turn to Akhil’s house, I asked him to take a right turn from Vero Moda. That’s where he stopped and pulled out a knife, held it at my neck, and took all my money. He started the rickshaw and told me to get out without making any noise. As soon as I stepped out, he drove off.

The thief is of medium build, about 5ft 4in, wheatish, mostly from North India (because of his accent), longish hair (long in the front and short behind), and was wearing a blue muffler. I was so shocked that I couldn’t take down the number while he was driving away. I have filed a FIR at Santacruz Police Station and they were really helpful.

I just want everyone to know about it so that every person out there understands that it can happen to you. People read these stories in the news and think that they are being careful and such things can never happen to them. I was one of those people. I was a victim to this crime and I was just shocked. I got into a rickshaw to keep myself safe from the two perverts on the street. Who would’ve thought that the rickshaw was the real danger? I hope they find the guy and put him in jail.


*Always note down the rickshaw/taxi number or take a photo of the license plate and send it to a friend*