Sussanne Roshan Discusses Split With Hrithik Roshan

Rashmi Daryanani
Sussanne Roshan

Yesterday evening, Sussanne Roshan was all poise and grace as she opened the doors to Bandra 190, the new project she started alongside Seema Khan and Maheep Kapoor. We’re impressed that she decided to step out and continue with her store launch, knowing fully well that she would be opening up herself to a lot of questions from the media about her recent split with husband Hrithik Roshan. To her credit, she handled it well and did not seem to lose her cool, and even answered a few questions instead of just flat out insisting that she did not want to speak about the topic.

Sussanne Roshan, Seema Khan, Maheep Kapoor

When asked whether she was nervous or afraid about appearing in front of the media, Sussanne replied: “No, I’m not afraid. I’m never afraid of anything. We’re doing something which is so beautiful, there’s nothing to be afraid of. The only people who are scared have something to hide. I have nothing to hide, so why should I be afraid?”

One thing Sussanne made clear at the launch was that she is now focusing only on her work. When asked whether work is a distraction, she said that work is never a distraction: “Everything else is a distraction. Work is work. My whole life is my work. My focus is work; I enjoy being a designer. In life, things happen, but you just have to move on and enjoy the best of it.”

Sussanne Roshan, Seema Khan, Maheep Kapoor

Sussanne also assured all her fans out there that she is happy, and she is thankful for all that she has been given. “I still believe in love and the good in the world. I have a feeling that happy things are in store for me in the future,” the designer said, ending things on a good note.

Here’s wishing Sussanne, Seema and Maheep all the best for Bandra 190! Remember, our contest is still on, so make sure you enter to win goodies worth ₹1Lakh! :)

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