Want to See MissMalini's Moods in Colours? Here You Go!

Marv D'Souza , 28 Dec 2013
MissMalini's 'Moods in Colours' on LimeRoad
MissMalini’s ‘Moods in Colours’ on LimeRoad

What colour is your mood this season? Is it a happy yellow or a sexy rouge? Well, we are all for colours for every mood and we’ve summed it up for you to see. With LimeRoad.com’s scrapbook app, MissMalini has created a mood-board with wardrobe pieces in colours that fit various moods. We have selected some tops, dresses, shoes, bags and everything fun that fits the brief. Check out our moods in colours and tell us what you think?

Pretty In Pink
MissMalini's Moods In Colours: Pretty in Pink
MissMalini’s Moods In Colours: Pretty in Pink

We love pink, in every form. The best thing about this colour is that it’s pretty versatile. You could style it in a way to express a rock/punk edge or simply play it pretty. Whatever you do, pink is surely one of those happy tones that will always be in vogue!

Alive in Orange
MissMalini's Moods In Colours: Alive in Orange
MissMalini’s Moods In Colours: Alive in Orange

When we think orange, we think of the zest and vivaciousness. Orange as a colour is so brilliantly alive. In our mood board, we’ve tried to give you a taste of it through various tones and pieces. Whether you like it sublte or completely over the top, there is always room for some orange!

Purple Haze
MissMalini's Moods In Colours: Purple Haze
MissMalini’s Moods In Colours: Purple Haze

Yup, Jimi Hendrix wrote a song called Purple Haze, but we’re on a completely different fix with the term. Purple is a pretty awesome colour that can signify royalty and elegance as well as be a strong substitute for pink for those in the rebellious punk mood. But what we love about it is the fact that it looks too darn good on everyone!

Disco Metallic
MissMalini's Moods In Colours: Disco Metallics
MissMalini’s Moods In Colours: Disco Metallics

Who wants to go dancing? Yup, you do! Dance the night away in the shimmer of metallic tones. We know a lot of you absolutely love bling and metallic tones, but when done in a disco mode, it’s something different. Think of divas like Gloria Gaynor, Chaka Khan and Diana Ross to get a sense of style that is so electric, it’s contagious.

Chaos in Colours
MissMalini's Moods In Colours: Chaos in Colours
MissMalini’s Moods In Colours: Chaos in Colours

Then there are those days when we just can’t seem to make up our minds. So, we colour block. We pick and choose tones from the rainbow to build them together in harmony. With a little bit of blue, a lot of pink with a dash of yellow and splash of purple, we have a look. A little bit of this and lots of that and a bit more of something else, just like life in general.

There are plenty more tones that could fit in combinations with our moods. And with LimeRoad’s scrapbook app, you can express all of them by making your mood boards and sharing them with the world! MissMalini will be back with some more boards from our scrapbook, but until then, we’d love to see what you’ve been up to. If you wish to check out some more of our scrapbook looks, click here.

Have a great week and we’ll see you real soon!

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