10 Awesome Things About Breaking Bad.

10 Awesome Things About Breaking Bad.

Ruwaida Khandker

Over the last 10 days I spent a lot of time getting to know (my now) extended family-in-law (thank you Nowshie!) One of the most surprising and awesome discoveries I made was that my teenage cousin is a HUGE Breaking Bag fan – aka Heisenbrown  as her friends like to call her! I totally tripped on that show myself so I was curious to hear what she loved about it – and boom, blog. Enjoy :) – MM xoxo

Ruwaida Khandker
Ruwaida Khandker

SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t yet seen the show then I strongly urge you to STOP READING NOW and start watching. Seriously, you’re missing out, big time. Once you’re done with all 5 seasons come back and read this blog. xoxo MM

10. Decapitated head turtle bomb:

The famous weapon made its appearance on season 2, episode 7: ‘Negro Y Azul’. The severed head of Tortuga was placed on the body of a turtle; which also had the words ‘HOLA DEA’ painted on the shell. When one of the agents tries to lift the head off of the body, a gigantic explosion occurs.

9. Breakfast

Eating breakfast seemed to be a major part of the Whites’ family routine. Especially Walter and Skyler’s son Walt Jr. had quite a reputation for pretty much eating cereal and doing not much else throughout the show. Let’s not forget Skylar placing bacon pieces to represent Walter’s age on his birthday every year!

8. Meth labs

No matter if it was in an RV or an industrial lab hidden inside a laundry factory, Pinkman and Heisenberg continued to create the purest meth on the market.

Breaking Bad meth lab
Breaking Bad meth lab

7. ‘Better Call Saul’ commercials

The show’s favourite joker/lawyer represented himself through stereotypical cheesy American commercials which became a favourite for audience members.

6. Tuco’s building explosion

In season 1, episode 6: ‘Crazy Handful of Nothin’, Walt visits Tuco Salamanca for a ‘business meeting’. He held something in his hand which deceivingly seemed to be meth, but with the words “This is not meth.”, Walter threw the chemical explosive which caused Tuco’s entire building to burst into flames.

5. Minerals

After Hank is deprived of a social life when he is admitted into a hospital, he decided to start a rock – excuse me, mineral collection. When asked by various characters about the ‘rocks’ he collected, he constantly replied with “They’re minerals.” ; which became a well-known joke throughout the series.

4. Suspense

The show certainly had its share of plot twists and suspense – fantastic ones at that. For example, in season 5, episode 5: ‘Dead Freight’, we constantly wondered and hoped if the boys’ train robbery plan would be successful, and felt relief when it was. And of course, the suspense that ran through the whole series whenever Walter was in danger of being found out; which we wished would never happen.

3. ‘Bitch’

The most frequently used word that emerged from the mouth of Jesse Pinkman. He used the word in almost every single episode and it essentially became his catchphrase.

2. Deaths

Every single death in Breaking Bad was unique, powerful, effective, and dramatic. The most memorable of all deaths include Jane Margolis, Gustavo Fring, Hank Schrader, and of course; Walter White himself.

1. Heisenberg’s famous quotes

Heisenberg often spoke with great courage and power. Some of his quotes became well known and recognisable even outside the series. Examples:

· “I am the one who knocks.”
· “F*ck you, and your eyebrows!”
· “I am not in danger. I am the danger.”
· “Say my name” (in reply) “Heisenberg” (Walter again) “You’re goddamn right.”

Wasn’t this awesome? Now I kinda wanna make some of this crystal meth rock candy (courtesy Pop Sugar) I’m out. – MM