Bipasha Basu Reacts to John Abraham’s Marriage News

Bipasha Basu Instagram

So I hear Bipasha Basu was unfazed by the news of John Abraham tweeting about his marriage. Bips who is in Goa holidaying and spending the new year with boyfriend Harman Baweja told friends that she was aware about John tying the knot (just like MissMalini told you first!) MUCH before the information started leaking out!

John Abraham and Priya Runchal

Since the two still have common friends (like Deanne Pandey Rocky S) there are times when information is often unknowingly exchanged.

Bipasha Basu Instagram

Even though neither Bips nor John follow each other on Twitter (for obvious reasons) the dusky Bongshell was quite amused that her ex chose to use social media to announce his wedding after such a long time! So were we Bips, so were we.

PS. Here romance with Harman started right about this time last year

Bipasha Basu and Harman Baweja

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