The 5 Girls You'll Date Before You Meet Your Woman!

Anjali Kirpalani , 06 Jan 2014

Anjali Kirpalani is the author of the popular novel ‘Never Say Never’ and here she tells us about the 5 types of “girls” you are likely to date/meet before you meet the right woman as a nod to Durjoy Datta‘s blog on the same topic – The 5 GUYS you will date before you find your man. Your move Durjoy :)

Anjali Kirpalani
Anjali Kirpalani

1. The Diva:

You know the type. She’s high-maintenance. She expects you to pick her up and drop her off every time you go out (Autos? How down-market!). She expects every date to be at a high-end restaurant. You were attracted to her because of her appearance (you were blown away when you caught sight of her in her short bandage dress) but once you found out how much it costs for her to look that way, you try to convince her that she doesn’t need those acrylic nails, blonde highlights and Zanotti shoes (mainly because you’re going to have to pay for them). Your relationship lasts until she dumps you for someone richer… you knew that was coming though, didn’t you?

2. The Emo girl:

She’s sweet and sensitive. Maybe too sensitive. At first, you thought it was adorable that she cried at the end of Ram-Leela (not out of frustration but because she actually felt sad for the lead pair). But when you realize that she cries for reasons as varied as spilling coffee on her top and poverty in India, you start to worry. You’ve got to watch every single word you utter around her; because you never know what will set her off. When you break up with her, she will cry you a river and make you feel so guilty that you will consider staying with her just so that the tears can stop!

3. The Flirt:

She’ll bat her eyelids and smile at you at a club. She has no qualms making the first move. You love how great a flirt she is. Until you realize you’re not the only one she’s flirting with! This girl likes attention and will go to any lengths to get it. Eventually, her hair tossing and touchy-feeliness with your brother, best friend and father will drive you away.

4. The Control Freak:

She’ll tell you what to wear, what to say to her friends and how to make Maggi! You’ll wonder how you ever got here and then you’ll figure it out; she works slowly. The control freak will initially make a guy feel like he’s perfect. But as time moves on, she’ll start controlling your every move. Soon, you’re stuck watching The Notebook with her (for the gazillionth time every Friday night) instead of playing poker with the boys.

5. Miss ‘I do’:

This one is every man’s worst nightmare. She’s the female version of Uday Chopra from the Dhoom series! No sooner have you gone on one date, than she’s busy planning your wedding and the names of your future kids. No guesses why you’ll say ‘I DON’T’ and run far, far away.

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