Durjoy Datta: 5 Unmistakable Signs She’s Just NOT That Into You!

Durjoy Datta: 5 Unmistakable Signs She’s Just NOT That Into You!

Durjoy Datta
Durjoy Datta
Durjoy Datta

When you’re in love, it’s sometimes hard to known when to call it quits. Especially if your feelings haven’t changed. But guys – if any of these 5 scenarios sounds familiar to you, it’s time to move on!

1) Last Seen on WhatsApp

You’ve been dating for a little while. And you know, you have the habit of staring at your phone till she goes from “Last Seen at 10:53pm” to “Online”. And when she’s online and you’re not the first person she replies to, well, it’s time you take a hint. Research has shown that the lives of most girls’ revolve around “Last Seen” and if they are robbing you of this basic courtesy, then . . .  (Unless, obviously, she’s a heart surgeon and all her fellow life-saving doctors are on a WhatsApp group discussing organ transplants and the like. Obviously!)

2) You “like” all her pictures… But she doesn’t return the favor

So you’re dating someone who’s pretty and all, who parties out, clicks beautiful selfies and updates her profile picture every two days. Quite obviously, you being the puppy-dog boyfriend, you immediately “like” all her pictures thinking she’ll feel good about it. Even the ones which she captions “So tired, haggard and ugly” when she really means, “God! I’m so pretty even at my ugliest!”

But she never returns the favour.

You change your profile pictures once in months. The last one was from the time you lost a leg while saving a starving child, after you had just recovered from cancer, all with a beaming smile. And she still didn’t like it? Well, she did like the pictures of her ex-boyfriend’s trip to Europe. It’s all too clear here, isn’t it?

3. Most of your plans involve a movie

You don’t go for quiet dinners or long walks anymore.  Most of your plans involve places where you don’t have to talk, preferably movie halls.  She meets you late and goes back home early!  Your relationship is slowly turning into a haze of drunken nights and bad movies. It’s time to take the hint and move on! You’re no longer interesting enough to her, and hearing you talk makes her want to pull her hair out.

4. She has a lot of “girls’ night outs”

You used to be a part of every plan she made. Now, strangely enough, all her night outs are girls’ only affairs! Worse, she still bumps into her male friends every now and then, almost every time! It’s uncanny. But it’s also always incidental. Move on!

5. There’s Always Someone Funnier Than You

You fell in love with her was because she was the only girl who laughed at all your jokes. You felt like Vir Das at the start of your relationship. You were the funniest guy ever! But all that has changed now. Every second guy is “SO FUNNY!” And these are your friends with the permanent funeral faces. Meanwhile, you crack your best punch line of the year and she pretends to be checking her WhatsApp so she doesn’t have to react. “Last seen laughing at your jokes: 6 months ago.”

It’s time to face the facts. She’s juts NOT that into you!

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