40 Reasons to Love & Celebrate Farhan Akhtar on His 40th Birthday!

40 Reasons to Love & Celebrate Farhan Akhtar on His 40th Birthday!

Malini Rajan

I got this email from my namesake Malini Rajan today and I loved how this non fangirl could find 40 fabulous things to say about the awesome Farhan Akhtar and I couldn’t agree more. Heck even Bigg Boss 7 winner Gauhar Khan was gushing over him when she came in for an interview! So here we go 40 reasons to love FarOut Akhtar on his birthday. Rock on! – Love, MM xoxo

Farhan Akhtar
Farhan Akhtar

I have never been star-struck before. And by never, I mean NEVER! So being in complete awe of Farhan Akhtar didn’t really register to me at first. Later I accepted that here is a person who is so beautiful inside and out that he moved me so much and I am finally struck! Today is his 40th birthday so here are 40 reasons to love and celebrate him.

Adhuna and Farhan Akhtar
Adhuna and Farhan Akhtar

1. Because he is multi-talented – He can do almost about anything act, write, sing, direct and Adhuna Akhtar knows what else!
Because he’s got a wonderful sense of humour – one of his tweets “Flew into Delhi this morning & wow… are my arms tired!!!”
3. Because he gave us Dil Chahta Hai and the rest was history.

4. Because he can cook.
5. Because he dared to remake Don and was successful at it.
6. Because he is witty – when asked, “If you could change one thing about Lakhsya what would it be – the man says, THE AUDIENCE.”
7. Because he believes in speaking his mind.
8. Because he loves food; he cries if he is not fed – says Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti!
9. Because he told his friends that he comes to school by a helicopter – all this while riding the bus to school with them! Now, that’s some storytelling talent.
10. Because he is a true rockstar! You have to go watch the FarhanLIVE Band and witness this!
11. Because he is a very good dancer – apparently Hrithik Roshan used to come second to him at certain birthday parties!

12. Because his husky sexy voice makes us go na na na na na na na na.
13. Because he believes that every individual has got the RIGHT to choose his or her preferred partner – so what if you’re gay!
14. Because he loves the guitar and plays it too.
15. Because he made boys join the army through Lakshya – now that’s national service – look up “Lakshya casualty”.
16. Because every time he looks into the mirror, he sees a man whose mother, sister, wife and daughter are proud to call their own! Just how lucky Honeyji, Zoya, Adhuna, Shakya and Akira are :-)
17. Because he loves all the cool people, Metallica, Beatles and Robert De Niro! Check out his Pirate Radio playlist here:

18. Because he’s got the cutest smile that comes across as the most genuine smile.
19. Because he can solve the rubik’s cube.
20. Because he is not motivated solely by box-office numbers.
21. Because his amazing rendition of poems makes you feel like you’re floating in a pool watching the stars.
22. Because even his walking style is an eye-candy – he bounces a little when he walks.
23. Because his soulful eyes totally reaches out to you and melts your heart.
24. Because he is apparently very well house trained, neat and clean – says Adhuna.
25. Because he won a national award at the age of 28 for Dil Chahta Hai.
26. Because he loves Goa and draws inspiration from this beautiful place.
27. Because he believes in the power of women and ek pal bhi nahin bhoolta aurat insaan hai!
28. Because of the “Magik” he created in Rock On!
29. Because he’s not the kind that blows his own trumpet.
30. Because he named his daughter after Akira Kurosawa – how cool is that!

Farhan Akhtar's family
Farhan Akhtar’s family

31. Because he is punctual! Yes that is a BIG deal.
32. Because he is a dreamer.
33. Because he likes the Mumbai Vada Pav and he eats it from the street stalls!
34. Oh yeah… because he is a certified skydiver, he has done it numerous times and totally loves it.
35. Because he is not addicted to tobacco, basically he doesn’t smoke – I think that’s amazing.
36. Because he loves ice-cream and gulab jamun – I sense a sweet tooth.
37. Because he WALKS his TALK – MARD is one example.


38. Because he brought Milkha Singh to the screens like no one else could have – even made the ‘Flying Sikh’ himself cry.
39. Be cause he’s got a Gangster Dog t-shirt!!!
40. Because you simply have no idea how many reasons I had to leave out so that we get exactly 40 only!