Why Daisy Shah is Miffed With Salman Khan

Daisy Shah and Salman Khan

Daisy Shah is the leading lady of Salman Khan‘s upcoming film, Jai Ho. However, the newbie actress isn’t too thrilled with the kind of promotion – or lack thereof – that she’s been getting leading up to her film’s release. Salman Khan is known to go all out in promoting a talent when he takes them under his wing, but for some reason, Daisy feels like she’s not getting the same treatment that he has doled out in the past to his other protégés.

Salman Khan, Daisy Shah

The reason she’s sulking even more is because she feels a certain Elli Avram has been getting more attention than her. Daisy believes that, following up to Bigg Boss, the media has “linked” Elli to Salman and therefore she has received more attention and focus. In fact, Elli is being spoken about more (especially in relation to Salman) than Daisy is, despite the fact that Daisy is the one who has a film coming up with the actor. (And Elli may have to wait a while anyway.) It certainly doesn’t help that Salman himself has gone on record to state that he has Elli in mind for a future film. At that time, Salman even implied that Elli is talented, since he says that getting cast in a film requires him to “see something in that person,” and it’s not simply about friendship.

Daisy Shah and Salman Khan in Jai Ho

It also seems that Daisy’s chemistry with Salman isn’t being appreciated the way she would have wanted it to be. Like, on Facebook, MissMalini‘s question about whether the two have chemistry got a resounding no from most of you. This, obviously, is not helping Daisy either. The actress thought that, since this is her big break and first major Bollywood film, she would be promoted heavily by the actor. However, while she has shot for appearances on reality shows (like Comedy Nights With Kapil and Dance India Dance), she still feels that Salman personally is not promoting her as much as he has his co-stars in the past.

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