Model Diva Starr Tells You How To Be Beautiful on a Budget!

Diva Starr , 15 Jan 2014

Diva Starr is a model and a face you may have encountered often on the runway and glossy pages of a magazine. She now turns beauty and lifestyle blogger exclusively for and shares some of her beauty secrets just for you, yay! Love MM xoxo

Diva Starr
Diva Starr

The lives we lead can leave us running against time. Working in an industry where I’m always on the go, I thought I would share some beauty & wellness tips as a reminder to always make time for yourself :) so let’s be beautiful on a budget (and start feeling good)!

Before you read any further, you need to know how attractive you are inside and out. I often find that I am way too hard on myself about my physical looks. All who can relate, I’m writing this to remind you that there a whole lot of other lovely things about you that need to be appreciated.

That being said, as a woman, taking care of our “upkeep” is seriously an expensive need. It’s always fun to find little ways to create your own home remedies to see if they might help before venturing out to invest unsurely.

Here are 3 simple ingredients which will help you see differences in your cellulite prone areas;

1)  ½ cup of olive oil
2) ½ cup grounded coffee
3) ¼ cup of brown sugar

Mix the coffee and sugar together to make the scrub.


My strong suggestion is to try this in the shower because it can get messy! Use the oil as an aid to help you massage the scrub onto your trouble spots in a circular motion. I try to use the strongest part of my hand to help increase lymphatic flow which helps remove the cellulite. Typically, I use this scrub 3-4 times a week and I have definitely seen a visible difference. If anything, you will undeniably enjoy the smell :)

Want more beauty tips from a runway model? Leave us a comment below with your questions and comments now, now, now!

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