5 Food Habits That Are Giving You Pimples!

Diva Starr , 17 Jan 2014
Diva Starr
Diva Starr

I dread the mornings where I wake up with a new “friend” on my face. It always happens on the days where I just start to feel that my skin is clearing up. Of course, I am thankful for makeup to help me temporarily conceal, but I got to thinking about the root causes of these random breakouts. I’m going to be honest here and tell you that I don’t always have the best eating habits. Long days at shoots and excessive traveling can make you consume quite a lot of unnecessary junk. It’s a choice we can easily make, which is why I’ve collected a list of nutritional factors that may be the origin of breakouts.

1) Sugar. Refined, synthetic Sugar.
I know what you’re thinking, and it is my all time weakness too. Before that discourages you, let me tell you all the delicious naturally sweet goodies out there just waiting for you! Instead of the fake, go for the real; coconut sugar, honey, agave are just a few that can be great replacements.

2) Caffeine
We are always seeking new hydrating moisturizers for our face but if our body is dehydrated on the inside, nothing will help. Watch your intake of caffeine (including all those carbonated drinks).

3) Fried food
The more “cooked” it is, the harder it is for your body to digest.

4) Dairy (in large amounts)
I find that when my intake of dairy increases, my whole body feels uncomfortable with change and of course I get zits. There are a lot of growth hormones contained in dairy which have an unnatural affect on our body.

Trans Fats
This is for all those people who crave fast food; the only thing fast about it is how you eat it because it stays in our body much longer than you think. There is a limit to how much Trans Fat your body can handle, so make sure to stick to that limit and start delving into all the healthy fats that will look after you.

So, I took a stand (and I hope you will too) – to rid yourself slowly of at least three things from this list. Let’s kick start a great new year!

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