3 Easy Ways to Hydrate Your Skin.

MissMalini , 20 Jan 2014
Diva Starr
Diva Starr

We love the skin we’re in, right? If so, we must also be aware of how our skin changes in different climates. My skin becomes more sensitive in the heat, and in winter there is a lack of moisture that leads to irritation. Oh and you can’t forget about all the in between temperature changes that can be just from traveling or simply, the drastic transition from outdoors to indoors! I realized I couldn’t stick to the same skin regime year around and thought of ways to up my hydration when needed;

Exfoliate less.

This is especially for people with sensitive skin; it leaves your skin feeling too dried out. If you find the need for some kind of mask, opt for one you can make at home instead.

Use thermal water mist.

Hydrating your body from the outside – is as important as the inside. This is very useful when we are not at home all day and need a tool to help us freshen up! Rose water can be used as a thermal mist and I personally really like it because it calms my skin down and doesn’t have a lasting fragrance.

Safflower Oil.

This stuff is amazing, and all natural :) It makes rough skin softer while simultaneously smoothing it out. It also protects your skins normal hydration level. Start looking for some cleansers and moisturizers that contain this as an active ingredient.

Hello Hydration!

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