How Cool Is This Breaking Bad Inspired Clutch?

How Cool Is This Breaking Bad Inspired Clutch?

Malini Agarwal
Anna Gunn's Edie Parker clutch
Anna Gunn’s Edie Parker clutch

Oh My God I must have it! If you’re a Breaking Bad fan like me than perhaps you have some inkling of just how cool this clutch is! Anna Gunn‘s Edie Parker clutch is where it’s at.

Edie Parker said, “I’m a huge fan of Breaking Bad and of the gorgeous and talented Anna Gunn. Anna has been very supportive and we wanted to make her something as lasting and unforgettable as her performance to celebrate her SAG nomination.”

A sexy “Skyler White” showed off her prized purse on the red carpet at the SAG awards grinning no doubt to herself at just how brilliant it all was! A Breaking Bad one-of-a-kind periodic table clutch. Genius. PURE. GENIUS. Of course, now I want one, don’t you?

PS. I bet there’s someone else I know who wants one too *LOL*

Photo by PR Photos