RELAX. You Deserve It.

Diva Starr , 24 Jan 2014
Diva Starr
Diva Starr

My mind is constantly on the go, it has gotten accustomed to feeling full of activity 24/7. I’m not complaining because this is what keeps me motivated and feeling wonderful with everything I do. But, along the way I started paying less attention to “me” time, the time that doesn’t run but slows down and the time where you are supposed to take it easy. Do you know how important that is?

We all deserve a break from the lives we lead. So when you feel the need for that moment, use these reminders to help slow you down:

1. Steer free of all technology. Quality time with yourself doesn’t include cell phones, emails, laptops and whatever else, just you!

2. Music. Good for the soul, listen to the songs that speak to you, make you feel that special something.

3. Food for thought…. mhmmm, treat yourself to something tasty :); A favourite dessert, meal, coffee. Especially those for the health conscious, it is okay to cheat with a treat – healthy or unhealthy, just enjoy it in the moment.

4. Meditate. You may think it is hard to find time but all you need is at least 5 minutes. Read this, shut your eyes and take five deep breathes… How many thoughts passed through your mind about absolutely everything? Too many! Your mind needs a break so please give it just that.

5. Exercise. Walk-jog-run-yoga-pilates-cycle-dance-jump-squat-crunch-MOVE

6. Hang with your bestie or bestieS! Sometimes just being on our own can work us up even more because we have too much idol time to think about our agendas. A change of environment is healthy and can really change up your mood. It can even welcome in fresh new ideas! So go chill and have a laugh.

“Time you enjoyed wasting, was not wasted” – John Lennon

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