MissMalini’s Google+ Hangout with Kushal Tandon

MissMalini’s Google+ Hangout with Kushal Tandon

Rashmi Daryanani
Kushal Tandon
MissMalini and Kushal Tandon

For those of you who were looking forward to MissMalini interviewing Kushal Tandon… well, it has happened! The actor and Bigg Boss contestant dropped by the Google offices so that we could have a chat with him on everything Bigg Boss, future plans and Gauahar Khan related! He was super sweet and even made the announcement that yes, he will be participating in the upcoming season of Khatron Ke Khiladi, so you have that to look forward to as well. In case you missed the Hangout while it was happening live, no issues – you can still watch the entire thing here!


“All sane people go insane in the Bigg Boss house. But for me, it was a great experience. I got so much of love from you guys.”

(On Valentine’s Day plans) “All the days are special if you love somebody. Valentine’s Day is just another day. I’ve always been in relationships, but always on 14th February I’ve never been with a girl. Either I’d break up, or long distance… this is the first time I’ll be with a girl I love.”

“I want to do a main, grey character. Which I’m in talks with. He’s nice, but he has some grey in him.”

Kushal Tandon
Kushal Tandon

“I met Armaan in Salman bhai’s party and he hugged me, and I hugged him back. There’s no war going on, it’s just you are your way, I am my way. We are working in the same industry, we are colleagues.”

“I think Gauahar should host the next season of Bigg Boss. We should do it, because we know everything. The people who have gone in the house should do it because they know what happens.”

“The first thing I said to Gauahar after she won was, ‘We did it.’ And, I love you.'”

“MissMalini rocks!”

Kushal Tandon
Kushal Tandon

Rapid Fire:

What was the name of her first pet?

Gauahar’s answer: Turvy (a cat).
Kushal: Didn’t know

What was her nickname growing up?

Gauahar’s answer: Gau
Kushal: Gau

What is her favourite movie?

Answer: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara
Kushal: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Kushal Tandon
Kushal Tandon

Who is her favourite actor?

Gauahar’s answer: Farhan Akhtar
Kushal: Farhan Akhtar

What song does she love to dance to?

Gauahar’s answer: Any song
Kushal: Any song, she’ll dance! You start the music, and she’ll start

Does she like sweet more or salty?

Gauahar’s answer: Sweet
Kushal: Sweet

The first thing you ever fought about?

Gauahar’s answer: Going away to Jannat
Kushal: She talks too much?

Kushal Tandon
MissMalini and Kushal Tandon

Her favourite colour?

Gauahar’s answer: All
Kushal: Orange, pink…

Favourite flower?

Gauahar’s answer: Roses and lillies
Kushal: Roses

What colour did she paint her nails last?

Gauahar’s answer: I don’t paint my nails
Kushal: Orange

(Kushal said that day before yesterday, she was going for a shoot and she did paint her nails orange.)

Her favourite beauty product?

Gauahar’s answer: lip balm
Kushal: lip balm

MissMalini and Kushal Tandon
MissMalini and Kushal Tandon

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